The Networking Arizona Show 
Phone: 602.228.4629
Fax: 480.706.9309

Listen to KFNX at 1100 on your AM dial, or go to the KFNX website to listen worldwide and for more information on the station. 

Visa and M/C and Amex Accepted
Carol Blonder, host and creator of Networking Arizona says "Everyone tells me they're looking for ways to promote their business or what they do. So I brought networking to the radio."   "I made it possible for people to get the word out about what they do to thousands of listeners and I made it unbelievably affordable to do so".

Networking Arizona is a radio show where you can get yourself heard by thousands of listeners. “Buy Your Air Time Fifteen Minutes of Fame” and  be on a prime time drive time radio show telling thousands of listeners
about  what you do. The show is heard in all of Arizona and streamed live around the world on the Web.  Air time fifteen minute segments start at only $150.00.  The show has been on the air for 10 years every Tuesday and Friday from .  It's their drive time prime time show! You can either buy an air time 15 minute segment or an air time 30 minute segment where she can open the lines to the audience where the audience can call in and ask questions.  You can offer the audience giveaways too.  Anyone who calls into your segments she will give you their names and numbers!  You can add to your segments, but everything is sold separately.  You can do as little or as much as you want to do!  You can also purchase commercials to give you more air time.  You get 16 thirty second commercials starting at only $150.00! They air 4 a day for 4 days straight during her show.  The production is done right their at the studio. There is no cost for the commercial production.  She doesn't charge you for making them only for airing them.  You can get a video of you while you are on air that you can post on your websites for only $25.00  And  you can also go Live on Face Book while on air on Carol's Networking Arizona Radio Page starting at only $25.00. She offers weekend re-play shows too for an and entirely different audience to hear you.  Air time 15 min re-play segments are only $50.00 and air time replay 30 min segments are only $75.00 and you can add 2 thirty second commercials to the re-play shows for only $25.00.  Everything she offers is very affordable!

All guests receive an audio copy of the show that you can put on your websites for credibility.  And you will get listed on the Networking Arizona website as a previous guest with your business name and website information.

It's a great way of getting the word out about what you do!  And it's unbelievably affordable! makes a difference!!

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