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From Alice V. Roberts, Author and Advocate:

Carol Blonder with Networking Arizona has a fantastic talk radio show on KFNX 1100 AM Radio that is heard throughout Arizona. She is on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3pm – 5pm right after Dr. Laura, and just before Lou Dobbs.


I have personally been on her show, received call-ins and had a wonderful response from the listeners. I have also done commercial spots and will be doing and hour long show when my next book is released spring of 2010.


If you want to spread your message or talk about your business in Arizona, I recommend being on Carol Blonder’s show “Networking Arizona”. She is honest, ethical and good at what she does. Do her show and watch your business soar.


Alice V. Roberts


Author, National Speaker, Osteoporosis Advocate, National Osteoporosis Advocate and National Osteoporosis Foundation Support Leader.

Alice V. Roberts

Author, National Speaker and Advocate for Osteoporosis Foundation

By 2020 half of all Americans will have osteoporosis.

Many will not know it until they have a fracture and learn it is osteoporosis related.

To: Carol Blonder
Networking Arizona
KFNX 1100


From: JK Scott


Thank you for the opportunity to be interviewed on Networking Arizona. What an educational experience, I gleaned valuable insights about myself as an interviewee. The following is my testimonial regarding the interview on March 25, 2011.


JK Scott, Author, of Shades of Truth and Tracking Terra, highly recommends Carol Blonder’s Networking Arizona KFNX1100 Radio Interviews!

As an author, my decision to be interviewed by Carol Blonder on Networking Arizona was a valuable investment.  Carol possesses extraordinary business acuity.  She is very professional and efficient. She read my book prior to the interview. I was very impressed with her insightful questions. 

Carol is a resourceful interviewer. She has the ability to put you at ease and possesses a special talent to uncover pertinent information in the interview. Carol’s dynamic personality creates the perfect ambiance for a lively interview.

I have high praises for Carol Blonder, Networking Arizona. What a memorable experience to discuss Shades of Truth and Tracking Terra. Whatever unfolds in the future, I’m prepared for any interviews, radio talk shows, or presenting to an audience, thanks to my experience with Networking Arizona.



From Elvire Smith, Life Success Consultant:

"When I met Carol early 2007, I could not phantom that I just met a woman who is very passionate about networking; her main goal is to connect anybody with anybody who is truly interested in taking their business to the next level in a professional manner coming from the heart – if you do not fit this description than you will have a hard time giving to the people Carol surrounds herself with, and for whom she goes out on a limb many times over.
She comes from a totally different angle of networking, she has been doing the traditional networking for so long that she knows exactly how to do it differently and get the results people are hungry for – she ignites the passion in people for meeting new people and truly finding out about each other and helping each other become prosperous.  

She does this in her home and nourishes you with great information from great people mixed with great food. She is an endless source of creative ideas to boost your business. She is a giver, and I am proud to call her my friend now too. Her slogan is: Givers Gain.

By opening her home, she has enabled me connect to the community in the way I want to do it, educate business professionals in a great environment on how to improve their results in such a manner that they now inspire others to do the same. I encourage everybody to get connected to Carol and benefit from this way of networking. She has a great radio show that enables you in an inexpensive way to get your message out – she is a marketing guru that wants to help everybody become the best they can be! You go girl! Thank you.

Elvire Smith
LifeSuccess Consultant
Change your thoughts, create your life!
(480) 899-4474


From Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD,
Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist:

"Like its host, Carol Blonder, Networking Arizona, is a one-of-a-kind interview radio show. Her show brings the latest and best of what is offered in the valley. Carol has a direct, frank and no-nonsense approach to interviewing her guests. Thus, her listeners receive more information in less time. For most radio listeners, who are usually doing other activities simultaneously, her interview style is a refreshing change. Thanks Carol, for your excellent interview of me. I received several new clients. Keep up the good work.


Her natural ability to connect and develop a rapport with people is your secret to effective networking. Everyone can learn to develop the ability to connect and develop a rapport with people.


Have you considered developing a workshop to teach people what comes naturally for you? What comes natural for some can be learned by others."

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

"Life is ten percent what you experience and
ninety percent how you respond to it."

Free 15 minute consultation Appointments Face-to-Face or Phone
Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Diplomat in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Board Certified Regression Therapist
(480) 704-0603


From Eric Ludwig, Ludwig Productions:
“Creative Business Solutions is a very effective down to earth way of connecting with other business professionals. I met several business contacts that have become clients and have even been able to talk about my business on the radio. There are events of different kinds each month and it seems that there are always new faces along with familiar ones. 

I’m glad I found out about CBS and wish all those involved much success.” 

Eric Ludwig
Ludwig Productions LLC

(480) 233-6517


From Catherine Cohen, Premier Barter:
“As the main salesperson for my company, being afraid of cold calls isn’t really an option. But my calling habits, what I said on the phone and my lack of follow through were resulting in no results.

Working just once with Carol we created a script, roll played all kinds of possible scenarios and got my calling skills way up. She is also a fabulous networker and really helps you to get out and meet new people. My selling skills (and closing ratios) are going up, up, up after having worked with Carol.”

Catherine Cohen
Premier Barter
"Bringing New Business To Your Business" 
(602) 470-8020 AZ
(619) 374-0208 CA
(877) 470.8020 Toll Free  

From Betty Dupuis, Arbonne International:
“I have known Carol for 2 years I had responded to her newspaper ad she was looking for entrepreneurs to set up a table in her home. I have been so fortunate that I made that call. Carol you have unconditionally given me support and idea's how to improve my Arbonne business and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and talk in front of a group of people. It's been such a pleasure being around you and truly count you as a close friend. My business has definitively grown by what you have shared with me. Thank you Carol.”

Betty Dupuis
Independent Consultant with Arbonne International


From Patty Immekus, Mortgage Broker:
“Carol is one of the best networked women in the East Valley. Her professionalism and willingness to help other business owners not only succeed, but flourish in their industry is extraordinary! I would recommend everyone attend a few of her networking events to obtain an overall experience in her vested interest in YOUR successful business. Thank you Carol!”


Patty Immekus
Mortgage Broker/Ahwatukee Foothills
PHX Mortgage

(480) 704-0991


From Richie Laser, Rich the Realtor:
“How can anyone have as much energy, passion and ability as Carol. She is the Queen of Networking. If you haven't worked with her yet.......... You Will!”


Richie Laser
Richie The Realtor
(480) 706-7206


From Marica Tutora, LifeAcheivement Consulting:
"Working with Carol Blonder is a pleasure and a highly effective way to meet people, create business and discover many new opportunities. Carol is about making things easy, fun and effective. She definitely excels in expanding everyone's learning and encourages us all to open up and share -- because who knows what great things will happen when you network with Carol -- she's terrific. I recommend that you attend some events, submit your ideas and see where it goes. All you require is an open mind."
 Thanks Carol!


 Marcia Tutora
LifeAchievement Consulting
Business Development

(480) 747-7249


From Jim Engel, Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation:
“Carol Blonder is an “Extreme Net worker”!! If you want to get Plugged In Everywhere, get to know Carol Blonder…She is a Master Connector!!”



Jim Engel
Top Lending Professional of over a Decade.
"By Referral Only"

(480) 505-2530


From Lora Reaves:
“To Whom this may of be of Interest:
 My name is Lora Reaves and I know Carol Blonder through our engagements on the Radio at KFNX 1100 AM. I was introduced to Carol approximately 3 months ago while being contacted by herself while she was in pursuit of my partner to join her on radio. Since that encounter, I have stepped into being w/ her on the radio for 2 times per month and she has helped me with this pursuit. I had not ever been on the radio before this experience. She has been very easy to work with and moves things forward quickly. I have been in the presence of her contributing to charitable events and inviting her global partners to contribute along with her. She is always networking others and in all of that, I have seen and experienced miracles in who she is and what she does for others. It has been a great pleasure to be a part of her networking group and in her presence. She Makes A Difference. Her mannerism has been one of tact when working with the participants on her radio show. She is one who is able to collaborate her group while preparing them to be on her radio show. She has taken the time to sit with myself and look at what I might bring to the next radio show that we will be having. I appreciate her time and patience. Have a Great Day!"


Lora Reaves
Take care of your Well Being for yourself and others.
Manage yourself to have a longer, FUNNER, healthier lifetime.

(602) 821-5978 

From: Michael Ginsberg:
“Carol and I worked together in her sales training, she helped me set up several appointments, which has led to new clients and repeat income. She has a gift for marketing and speaking with people in a certain way that is unparallel in her business. Her ability to convey her sales system is second to none. I know I have worked in sales for the better part of 20 years and I have been very impressed in her ability to break the ice and build quick rapport with prospects and keep things organized and teach others how to do her system quickly and soundly. I would recommend her sales training to anyone serious about networking she is the best.

Michael Ginsberg LMT 

From: Catherine E. Rosick, M.Ed, NCC, LPC

Child, Teen, & Adult Therapist:

Carol Blonder made a new experience of being interviewed on the radio easy and enjoyable for me.  She has a way of helping her guests feel comfortable, and at ease, before and during her show.  She knows how to put on a radio show which helped me be able to focus on the points that I wanted to make.  I am a therapist and know how to help clients who come to see me, but giving radio interviews is not a familiar experience for me!  I have been on Carol's show twice and look forward to an increase in my private practice business from being on her show.

 www.azchildcounselor.com480-367-1660, Ext. 7#












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