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Listen on 1100AM KFNX, T&F 3-5pm, M 4:30-5PM | Previously aired on Channel 7, AZTV Sat 11-12pm Celebrating 11 Years ON AIR!

What's the one thing that you can do to grown your company?  It's Networking... it makes a difference! That's Carol's tag line! She started her radio show over 11 years to help people get the word out about what they do!  Get yourself heard by thousands of listeners by doing an air time 15 minute segment or an air time 30 minute segment on Carol Blonder's Networking Arizona Radio OR TV Show and get the word out about what you do with our interview-style broadcasting.  Carol has been the host of Networking Arizona in the same spot on KFNX for 11 years!! She can help give you direction on your radio or TV segments! Hosting the Networking Arizona show for 11 years on the radio, Carol Blonder has now expanded her show to TV as well! As our show develops, so does the skill sets of Carol Blonder. She knows that it's important for the audience to hear your information as much as possible, so she will repeat your website and phone number many times, along with your promotional offer. She even states it 6 - 8 times while you are on the air with her! She's promoting you as you go long and helping you to clearly state your promotion!

Anyone in the world can come on the show and talk about what they do because you can CALL IN to do your segments! So if you don't live in Arizona and you have a web based business or if you're an author you can do the show. This show is a great way to get the word out about what you do to Arizona locals. And what's best is the show is all about you! You decide the topic and the flow of the conversation! It's easy and it's a blast to do! You give Carol Blonder 6 - 8 questions about what you do and she conducts the interview based on your outline. No need to be nervous. She tells everyone "just think of it as a conversation between you and me"!

Carol Blonder is excited to announce the Strategic Partnership with DOCO MARKETING for better leveraging social media platforms like Facebook! This means there are more options available for you to fully utilize your Networking Arizona media! Together, Networking Arizona and Doco Marketing can provide social media integration for a complete #MEDIAMIX.

Like the Facebook Page for Networking Arizona Radio Show to see clips of Carol Blonder on TV or at the Radio station! makes a difference!!!


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